Apartment C-13

  • 132,8 m2
  • Sold
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Apartment C-13 Sold
1. Living room with kitchen 27,2 m2
2. Bedroom 12,4 m2
3. Bathroom 7,6 m2
4. Foyer 11,2 m2
5. Working cabinet 9,5 m2
Apartment’s surface area 67,9 m2
6. Terrace (covered) 25,6 m2
7. Terrace (uncovered) 34,3 m2
8. Storage (on the ground floor) 5,0 m2
Total surface area 132,8 m2
Parking place (covered) 2 PP

Note: The price of the apartment includes the price of parking places. Price include VAT.

Pictures are symbolic.

Footnote! Symbolic graphic displays show the floor plan of the same apartment as the selected one. There can be different outdoor terraces or balconies, outdoor views and sides of the sky.