8 first-rate boutique apartments in Trnovo, Ljubljana

The most desirable location for living near the city centre




1 Ugledna Lokacija

Prominent location with a landscaped environment

The Mivka Trnovo Villa is found in a prominent and safe quarter, in one of the most desirable parts of Ljubljana.

2 Mirni Predel

In a calm part of town, only a step away from the strict centre

Exactly the right distance away from the hustle and bustle of the city, with an abundance of greenery, Old Ljubljana is only a stone’s throw away.

3 Odlicna Dostopnost

Excellent accessibility and rich offer of services

The bypass and arterial roads are right around the corner, close by are the market, stores, pubs, schools, cultural institutions, recreational areas, golf course, walking paths, and more.

4 Moderna Arhitektura

Modern architecture with a feeling of a true home

Perfected architectural details and excellent interior ground plans – thoughtful apartment design ensures that residents have the highest possible privacy.

5 Pametni Dom

Truly smart home for comfortable living

The home is based on technologies of the future, ensuring high quality of living today.

6 Varna Nalozba popr

Safe investment for the future

Premium real-estate in a premium location always keeps its value or even gains it, which is why it is an ideal investment.

It’s rare to have the opportunity to buy real-estate that offers everything in one.

An incredible location, modern architecture, functional ground plans, landscaped environment, elite neighbourhood, and integration in the city life with a rich offer of services.